Key Characteristics of a Personal Assistant

Can you afford a concierge?

One of the first questions new clients ask me is about cost. Why should they employ someone to do what they can do for free? Then I ask them to fill out the Urbane Concierge Time/Cost Assessment, something I encourage you to do before contacting me. Suddenly, their mindset changes and they realize they actually need a concierge.

Here is one example from a recent client. She billed $300/hour as a business coach. She also estimated she spent 10 hours per week running errands, shopping, and so on. That is $3,000 per week at her billing rate, $156,000 a year!

After employing The Urbane Concierge℠, she not only saved money and time, but also found she had more energy to devote to both her business and her personal life.

For more information on how The Urbane Concierge can enhance your lifestyle, contact us today.

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